A historical tour de Force!

by Scott Teitsworth on June 20, 2014

I have enjoyed my 15 cents of fame as a Psychedelic Expert from the publication of "Krisna in the Sky with Diamonds", in part because I have been contacted by several very interesting people.  Among them is Dr. Albert-Puleo, an exemplary scholar, and since you have already found this listing for his book you should undoubtedly add it to your library.  As my own researches gradually uncovered the extent of psychedelic use in the ancient world as the fountain source of religious inspiration, I continued to assume that the major Semitic religions had somehow sprung up from other roots.  They have diligently suppressed nearly all of the evidence of their real progenitor.  THE ANOINTED ONES successfully demonstrated to me that the anointing oils touted in the Bible and elsewhere contained psychoactive substances, not only because the author has tried them out, but also because of the serious scholarship he unleashed in proving his point. The book is worthwhile for his bibliography alone, one of the most impressive I've ever seen, citing a large number of both rare and mainstream works from the last 200 years, some of which reprint Medieval texts.  Relevant excerpts are included throughout the work.  I am grateful to the author for filing in an important blank in the continuity of world history, which reinforces my conviction that the intelligent...call it sacred if you wish...use of entheogens or psychedelic medicines is humanity's best hope for pulling itself out of the death spiral it appears to be in.  They are the key way for humans to realize their potential and quickly transform themselves form brutes to enlightened caretakers of the planet.